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Bena Long, M.S.M.

When established and emerging leaders and their teams search for smart, strategic approaches to progress in their professional and personal lives, Bena Long brings clarity and time-tested methodology utilized within the Fortune 100. As Executive Advisor, Bena develops high performing teams. She starts with leadership and teaches the skills to move with change, open creativity, and improve listening and communication to lead clients to expanded levels of Emotional Intelligence.

As a Talent Development Consultant, Bena provides strategy, change management, cultural agility and coaching to you and your team. Her skills training is practical,  can be applied immediately, and is key to improving personal health and creates thriving global work environments. She assists in talent strategy and setting priorities to facilitate both professional and personal performance.

Bena Long’s unique advantage for her clients is her cutting edge experience and knowledge into the latest advances in individual and organizational change, resilience, and cultural agility. She is personally skilled in the inner technologies of Martial Arts, Meditation, and Yogic Science that she utilizes in her transformative consulting.

Bena entered the field of mind/body study as a child athlete culminating her career as an NCAA Division One competitive gymnast .  She continues with more than 20 years of accomplishment in Hatha Yoga and Meditation as well as a practitioner of the martial art of Tai Chi. Bena studies in the lineage of Master Chen Peishan, successor of Chen Taiji.

Bena Long is a speaker, seminar seader, and retreat presenter. Some of her clients include: Bank of America, First Union Wachovia, Merck, Barclays Capital, Windham International, Citibank, Adelphi Research, GUNA, Inc., Merrill Lynch, and the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

She holds academic positions as a Visiting Presenter for the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and as Executive Education and Adjunct Faculty for DeSales University, MBA, where she pioneered and teaches the class "Intercultural Competence for Global Business."

Bena Long is a candidate for a Doctorate in Organizational Development.







"Bena did a stress management training for senior executives and I personally found it very useful. The techniques that Bena shared during her session was personally very helpful for me. The CD and book she provided were very helpful and something that I use to practice meditation and concentration each week. I recommend for anyone that has a busy stressful life and is seeking more balance."
-Ratna Wynn
Senior Vice President, Adelphi Group

"If achieving work/life balance is one of your goals, I cannot think of a better coach than Bena. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her several times over many years. Each experience enriched my life and helped me be a more effective person."
- Jeff Menick
Senior Consultant, Merrill Lynch

"Bena has a refreshing approach to teaching. So many classes only emphasize the “what.” Bena takes that one step further in demonstrating the “how” as well. She creates a fun, observation based, interactive, classroom experience utilizing self-awareness and discovery to drive personal growth and development. Her balanced approach to teaching also addresses physical and mental well-being in conjunction with knowledge sharing to improve your ability to creatively address challenges, resolve conflict, and provide clarity around decision making. She helps her students develop skills to manage stress and control chatter in order to perform at their best in any situation. The self-management techniques she teaches are simple, sustainable, and deliver immediate benefit on both a personal and professional level."
- Paul Jancay
Associate Director of Global Logistics Procurement, Bristol-Myers Squibb

"A terrific speaker at a Merrill Lynch offsite first recommended Bena to me in 2005. Since then I have worked with her on multiple occasions, and find that her style and insights consistently produce an immediate positive result. Bena understands the physical and mental stress that goes along with working in a fast-paced industry, and has many easy to use and impactful tips to help focus on priorities and eliminate the noise."
- Jennifer Pizi
Founding Member, Minard Design, LLC

"We enjoyed the training program immensely. People owe it to themselves, their co-workers, and their loved ones to acquire these skills. The techniques are timeless self management principles designed to help us reduce stress while gaining control of our work and personal lives."
- Paula Harrington
Co-Founder & Principal,
Association Business Solutions, Inc. (ABS)

"I recently took the course Intercultural Competence, not because it was a requirement of the MBA program but because of the rave reviews on Bena Long...I felt compelled to see what all the buzz was about. Having completed the semester I can now say...if Bena is teaching a course, sign up! That said, don't expect a conventional classroom environment but do expect a concentrated focus on training your mind and body to function at peak performance levels when it come to decision process, creative solutions and stress management."
- Eric J. Bartosz
US Director of Business Development, Contra Vision

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Resilience for Results

Execution of tactical and strategic goals takes more than effort. Learning takes more than being physically present. They require the skills and knowledge to coordinate the mind and body to concentrate on the task at hand. It is your personal capacity to direct your mental focus that enables you to achieve anything at all.

Every person is endowed with innate human capacities. Capacities that provide the foundation for physical and mental health, performance and fulfillment. With proper development these internal resources become the most valuable personal skills that determine excellence, high performance and extraordinary leadership.

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- Bena Long