Mindfulness and Leadership


We Need Consistent Strategies for Uncertain Times

As a Doctoral Candidate specializing in Mindfulness and Leadership, Bena Long focuses in unlocking high performance, empowering leaders by radically increasing their capacity of mindful living. A mindful organization is more collaborative, engaged and healthy workplace.

Bena is uniquely positioned to empower leaders and teams to develop positive habits despite toxic stress, high demand and changeable environments. She is a perfect fit for organizations looking to create cultures of wellbeing and performance.

She is speaking on:

"Mindfulness at Work"

"Leadership and Mindfulness"

"Fight Fair at Work - Mindfully"


As Executive Advisor, Bena coaches established and rising executives to develop themselves and create environments for high performing teams. She starts with leadership and teaches the skills to move with change, open creativity, and improve listening and communication to lead clients to expanded levels of Emotional Intelligence, Grit and a Mindful Fighting Spirit.

Bena teaches Executive Leadership Development for MBA programs at Wharton Executive Education, and DeSales University using mindfulness and meditation. She is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Mindfulness and Leadership in Organizational Development from Cabrini University.

Mindfulness and Meditation

For more then 30 years, Bena teaches mindfulness and meditation as she continues to study with masters of peak experience through a deep education of mindful practices. She is a retired NCAA Division One competitive gymnast. She is an expert practitioner and an instructor in the yogic, meditation sciences and martial arts traditions of Chi Gung and Tai Chi.

Executive Education and Coaching

Bena Long is a speaker, seminar leader, and retreat presenter. Some of her clients include: Bank of America, First Union Wachovia, Merck, Barclays Capital, Windham International, Citibank, Adelphi Research, GUNA, Inc., Merrill Lynch, and the U.S. Department of the Treasury.