Take it with you

The mind and body are never separate; it is a matter of emphasis. Let’s engage in a conversation that addresses ways to gain and maintain health and performance. With new ways of exercising that you can do lying down in bed, sitting in a chair, while out on a run, or playing golf. The secret is in the key principles that can be applied to whatever form of movement you enjoy most.


How to keep cool and not sweat the small stuff

When we create greater alignment in coordination of mind and body we can address the consequences of stress, increase our ability to concentrate and more deeply access the power of the mind. Increase capacity to use emotions rather then being used by them. We develop greater clarity and focus to effectively increase the depth of thought for problem solving. Develop resilience in the face of change, uncertainty and pressure.

As a Client Team Member Commented: “I am more aware of my own thoughts and that the stress and fear was created internally. I now have the skills to quiet the chatter and focus on what is important to make my best better.”


Healthy Competition like good sportsmanship

Applied within the business context leaders are ‘self as instrument’ and lead by example with greater knowledge. They can lead and follow with greater drive, empathy, commitment and care for themselves, their team, and the business outcomes they seek. Team cohesion and individual initiative is possible by being both competitive and collaborative.  Leaders that create a synergy of individual, team, culture, processes and structure purposefully have made this happen. As comments by Sales Associates who benefited from leadership’s implementation of mind, body and business solutions said:


 “I do feel competitive to excel myself and also spur other sales people on. It is healthy competition. We help each other. We cover for each other, and are here for one another.” And “The company atmosphere is so encouraging and inspiring.”


Stay tuned there is more to come…Onward and Upward!