In today's dynamically changing and increasingly interdependent global business environment, you are a valuable addition to the workforce. Our approach to retaining your unique viewpoint and being resilient at the same time is possible by attending to these things:

Smooth Transitions – Share the Vision

This is a change for you and your new colleagues. Make sure you share the same Vision or Higher Purpose for the organization in the position you are moving into. It is this high level agreement that will enable the varied approaches to achieving it the room to happen.


Your responsibility is to do your job well and requires you appreciate what is already working before you showed up. You will meet less resistance for your initiatives if you willingly listen to the people you are working with first. Imagine your new colleagues talking to you as you shake your head in a way that communicated ‘no’ to them. Do you think you will get any collaboration moving the system forward? Not likely. This is the same when we take on new roles and don’t look for the continuity of what already works for the organization. If you are here, then the values have room to expand and include not just greater differences but more stellar outcomes.

Manage the Dynamic

We are use to solving problems in business and these are the easiest things to manage compared to the human issues we encounter. As humans there are core aspects that are universal and can increase our capacity to handle whatever situation we find ourselves in with confidence. You are who you are and if you learn how to manage yourself, you can handle any situation that you are in. The tools to do this are right inside of you.

1.     Release – your physical tension, it blocks the body and locks you into habituated stressed out thinking.

2.     Stop over thinking – Utilize breathing practices to calm and quiet the chatter in the mind.

3.     Refocus – situations change and so we need to respond with current data. Attend to your strengths and resources and create the most beneficial outcomes by focusing on what you can do now.

Speak Up

The workplace needs your unique voice to provide solutions that were not heard before and were not thought of before because you were not at the table to give them voice before now.  Fit-in to the higher purpose that you share with your organization and add your way in collaboration with the others seeking the same vision.